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Sexing Iguanas.  How to determine the sex of your iguana.

Do you know if your iguana is a male or female?

* Note: Not all iguanas are built the same and this page is meant to be used as a general guide to sexing iguanas.  So your iguana may show more or less sexing characteristics as listed or illustrated below.

How to tell the difference between male and female Iguanas.
Male Characteristics:

  • Male iguanas usually have large fat pockets on the back of their heads.

  • Male iguanas tend to have heavy or large jowls.

  • Male iguanas have larger femoral pores/plugs on the underside of their thigh.

  • Males usually have larger blockier heads then female iguanas
  • Female Characteristics:

  • Females iguanas do not have large fat pockets on the top of their head.

  • Females iguanas tend not to have such heavy or large jowls.

  • Females iguana's femoral pores/plugs are very small.

  • Female iguanas usually have smaller heads then males.

  • Pictures of the underside of Iguanas
    Males Iguana's Femoral Pores or Plugs

    Notice the Male Iguanas Pores are larger and protrudes.
    Male Iguana Sexing Characteristics - Plugs
    Male Iguana Sex Characteristics - Femoral Pores
    Female iguana's Pores or Plugs

    Notice the Female Iguanas Pores are very small compared to a males.
    Female Iguana Sex Characteristics - Femoral Pores

    Pictures of a Male Iguana's Head
    Males iguana's Head

    Notice the large Fat Pockets and Jowls on a Male Iguana.
    Male Iguana's Head - Notice The Large Fat Pockets
    Male Iguana's Head - Notice The Fat Pockets
    Female Iguana's Head

    Notice the Fat Pockets and Jowls are very small on a Female Iguana.
    Female Iguana's Head

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