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Brazilian Rainbow Boa Care Sheets
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Care Sheet for Rainbow Boas

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Rainbow Boas

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1 to 2 Years


Brazilian Rainbow Boa

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Brazilian Rainbow Boa

Sexing and Characteristics:

You canít distinguish a male or female from visual characteristics. Only true way is to have the animal probed by experienced reptile veterinarian or breeder.

Mostly Active During:


Substrate and Water Needs:

Due to their high humidity requirements Brazilian Rainbows do extremely well on Cypress Mulch as it retains moisture extremely well. The best part about cypress much is that it doesnít mold and lead to a parasitic and bacterial breeding ground. Other substrates that are commercially available that will work well are Jungle Bedding and Forest Floor as these hold humidity good too. Some people have effectively used aspen but I have no idea how. My experience with aspen is for corn snakes and when it gets wet seems to be a breeding ground for mold. Their tanks need to be misted every now and then to keep the humidity up as will be explained below. Brazilian Rainbow Boas will need a large water bowl for them to soak in.

Lighting and UVB:

There is some controversy over whether or not Brazilian Rainbow Boas need UVB light or not. Most keepers donít use UVB light as it is not required. You may choose to use it if you want but these snakes are Nocturnal so they wouldnít really benefit from UVB. Due to the lower temperatures needed I recommend a 40 watt day bulb on a timer or a ceramic heat emitter for 24hr heat.

Temperatures and Humidity:

Brazilian Rainbow boas need a warm end temperature of 84-86 degrees F. Cool end Should be high 70s to low 80s. The ambient (background) temperature should be around 78-80 degrees. Brazilian Rainbow Boas require a high humidity with a constant of being 75% or more. I keep mine between 85-95% which can be quite hard to obtain. With Cypress Mulch pour a cup of water in every 4 days or so and mist on a daily basis. You could invest some money into buying commercially available misters or waterfalls if you do not have the time. An essential part of a Brazilian Rainbow Boas tank should be a humid hide which is a little plastic container with a lid. Fill the container with moist sphagnum moss and replace every 4-5 days as needed. The lid should have a hole cut in it so the snake can easily get in and out. The container should be spacious enough for the snake to fit comfortably. There are now commercially available shelters that can be used as humid hides but they run a bit pricey. A simple plastic Tupperware container is all you need. More expensive isnít always better. Temperature should not be more than 90 degrees F as these are fatal to Brazilian Rainbow Boas. It is recommended that you cover 3/4s of the top of the tank (if you are using a glass tank with screen lid) with Plexiglas to help hold in moisture.

Heating and Equipment:

For heating my Brazilian Rainbow Boas tank I use a Zoo Med Under Tank Heater which is commercially available at most pet stores. Due to the room I keep my Brazilian Rainbow Boa in I donít need any other sources of heat as my temps stay in the 70ís. You may need to experiment with heating depending on the temperature of your room. A necessary piece of equipment for you Brazilian Rainbow Boa is a digital thermometer/hygrometer. You can get these at pet stores or in the hardware departments of stores such as Lowes, Home Depot, and Walmart. Also you could get a small spray bottle at a dollar store to mist your tank in. DO NOT USE EMPTY SPRAY BOTTLES FROM CLEANERS!

Caging Provided:

I provide a 20 gallon Long tank for my baby Brazilian Rainbow Boa. These snakes are semi-arboreal and do like to climb. A nice climbing branch would be greatly appreciated by your snake. You will need a few hides on the warm and cool side of your tank as well as a humid hide. A large water bowl will be needed. And you could decorate your tank with various vines and bushes(artificial is better because of high humidity). I have a digital Thermometer/Hygrometer to keep check on my temp and humidity and a spray bottle to mist the tank.



Description of Diet:

Feed your snake appropriate sized rodents according to the girth of your snake. Never feed something that is too big for your snake. General rule of thumb is feed rodent equal to the widest part of your snake. Brazilian Rainbow Boas are prone to obesity in captivity and should not be overfed. Feed babies approximately once every 5-7 days. And adults every 10-14 days or more frequently if desired. Just remember not to over feed.

Supplements, Nutrition and Usage:

There is no need for vitamins and supplements.


A fairly easy to maintain snake as long as you take care of the humidity. You must spot clean the tank everyday to stop parasite and bacteria growth. Keep a careful eye on temperature and humidity as if humidity goes too low the snake will become dehydrated. And temperatures too high can kill it.

Some Words on this Species:

Brazilian Rainbow Boas are recommended for intermediate snake keepers. Those who have been successful with other snakes can easily acclimate to a Brazilian Rainbow Boas needs. They can be a bit nippy as babies but with daily handling will become very tame. They make a great pet and with their high iridescence make a great display animal and conversation piece.
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