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White’s Dumpy Tree Frog(Smiling Tree Frog) Care Sheets
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3 to 5 Years


White’s Dumpy Tree Frog(Smiling Tree Frog)

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Litoria Caerulea is Native to Australia and Northern Australia in the Torres Straights region.

Sexing and Characteristics:

Sexing is very easy. Males will "call" or "croak". Males also will form brown to dark brown nuptial pads on the frogs feet. They are semi hard to see but if they are there you will see them.

Mostly Active During:


Substrate and Water Needs:

You want to use bottled water (declorinated) and for substrate you want to use peat moss, reptile moss (common in pet stores) reptile soil (common in pet stores) and reptile bark (medium to large pieces) make sure the frog can not swallow the bark, if its larger then the mouth you are safe.

Lighting and UVB:

You want to use a full spectrum bulb (florescent) like a SunGlow. It puts out high UVB which they need for vitamins. You also want to use a basking lamp for heat and helps with humidity. At night you want to use a black blight bulb or full red heat bulb to keep temp. to minimum and for best night veiwing.

Temperatures and Humidity:

Temperatures in the day should range from about 75-86 dgrees. At night you dont want it to fall below 75 degrees. They need high humidity so spray terrarium with mist bottle, and also a fogger in the water supply will also help.

Heating and Equipment:

Basking lamps / heat pads under tank (helps with humidity) You want to supply a hot and cool spot in the terrarium by setting the basking lamp on one side.

Caging Provided:

Babies need only a 10 gallon aqaurium. But when these guys reach full grown they will need a 20 gallon high. You have to remember that the taller and wider the aqaurium the better for the frog because they are tree dwelling species. They like tall terrariums, and wide for jumping. You want to use alot of foliage (silk or fabric) is best for easy maintenance and also it will help hold humidity. You also want a water dish that is a little smaller (depth wise) then the frog because they will drown. A good solid wood structure is also needed to make the frog feel more at home. The more wood and foliage pieces the better to make your frog at ease. Think of a rain forest and go from there. It is ok to house more then one frof together as long as they are the same species, and that the two frogs are the same size (the bigger frog will eat the smaller one).



Description of Diet:

You can feed them: meal worms / silk worms / fruit flies / butter worms / crickets / pinky mice (when full grown) / and roaches (make sure they havent eaten any toxins). You also want to feed the insects gut load or potatoes, fruit (nothing acidic). The idea is to let the frog absorb the nutrients from the insects by what the insect eats.

Supplements, Nutrition and Usage:

It is a good idea to buy calcium and vitamin powder to sprinkle on the insects before feeding them to your frog.


Maintenance is very easy, as long as you remove soiled substrate and or foliage/wood from terrarium bacteria and small "nats" won’t form in terrarium which both are harmful to the frog. You have to remeber that frogs absord things through their skin so you dont want to use anything abrasive when cleaning. Aquarium cleaning compounds is a good idea. Remember to rinse everything thoroughly and let dry before you replace back in terrarium. Other then that the frog is very hardy when terrarium is set up properly.

Some Words on this Species:

White’s Dumpy Tree frogs are known for their bright green, blue green, or almost torqoise coloration. They also can turn colors from a brown to the rest of the colors listed above. Female Whites get to 4 inches in size, while male Whites gets to be 3 inches in size. These frogs are the most doscile of any species of frogs I have ever come across. They are known to have huge flabs of skin, and get very fat. You have to be careful not to over feed them because they get obese very fast. They are lazy in the day and very active at night. White’s are very aggressive eaters, and the rule is if it fits in the frogs mouth and moves... its lunch! I highly recommend this frog to anyone. They live anywhere from 20-22 years in captivity, so if you are looking for a long life buddy they are the way to go!
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