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 Hominy- a gravely ill Brown Anole

Awright, I’ve used this forum quite a bit in my younger days for iguanas, but I’ve recently acquired a small, young, female brown anole that is grave need of help. Let me cover the basics of her setup and what’s going on so we can get to the bottom of this!

She was discovered nearly eaten by the cats and saved just in time. I scooped her up, and immediately cleansed her wound with a diluted solution of Novlasan and water, then applied a layer of silver sulfadiazine over the wound so it could heal. The first few days, she was quite listless and had a strange tilt to her head as if she had an injury to her neck. Movement was usually done in circles, and no food was taken. Water would be lapped up if sprayed, or readily taken from waterdroppers.

She passed a normal stool within the first few days I set her up in the tank. Now, the tank specs below:

-10 Gal tank
-UVA/UVB mercury vapor bulb set a maximum of 12 inches away. Basking spot 85 degrees F
-Ambient temperatures at 74-76 degrees F
-Night temps don’t fall because she’s ill and being kept at steady ambient temperatures to a max of 80 degrees F.
- Humidity not falling below 40%, tank is sprayed often, and dew is readily available on the plants in her enclosure.
-Complete with basking branch, foliage pads, and a hidey-hole tree fixture.
-Crickets and mealworms available at all times, and gutloaded with complete cricket diet.
-Water dish available for soaking and drinking.

Now here’s where it gets hairy. She ( who is named Hominy ) will lap fortified peach babyfood off of her mouth, but will not take crickets or mealworms of her own accord. She will, however, bask completely of her own accord, and regularly emerges from wherever she is to bask when the lights are turned on for her 12-hour photoperiod. I slipped a cricket into the babyfood I smeared on her mouth, which she took, but hasn’t taken any since.

I’m administering a Pedialyte, children’s multivitamin, meat-based babyfood, and mashed cricket mixture through a dropper to her twice daily, about 3-4 drops, or however many she will take before completely refusing. This mixture is clearly visible within her after she’s had it ( her abdomen becomes lumpy, so she doesn’t regurgitate it ). Her strange "tilt" is no longer present, she’s bursting with energy, and her head has healed nicely, however she continues to get thinner.

The eyelids of her left eye are swollen, and Reptic Turtle Eyedrops are being administered to remedy the problem. The left eye remains closed because some multivitamin accidentally entered when I was using the dropper and she shook her head. I administered some of the Turtle Eyedrops in that eye as well.

Enclosed, is a picture of how she looks now ( January 17, 2012 ) from the right side, lumps of food apparent, as is her skeletal structure because of how thin she is. I’ve also enclosed her fecal matter, as it is extremely strange and I’m not sure what to make of it.

The bottom line is..what can I do to prevent this little lizard from dying? She seems to be but a couple months old, though one can’t be sure. She shed recently after being placed in the tank. Also, she often keeps her eyes closed when basking and although she shifts here and there into different positions, she doesn’t scratch against the cage to get out or explore hugely.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

01/17/12  07:20pm


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  Message To: DrDewlap   In reference to Message Id: 2251411

 Hominy- a gravely ill Brown Anole

Unfortunately, to be quite honest, the prospects don’t look particularly encouraging. Keep up with what you are doing and good luck.

01/18/12  01:15pm


Dino Dan
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  Message To: Atrax27407   In reference to Message Id: 2251491

 Hominy- a gravely ill Brown Anole

your a goood person for doing somthing like that i would do the same as you did. That poor little guy i hope she turns out to live.

01/18/12  04:57pm


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  Message To: Dino Dan   In reference to Message Id: 2251532

 Hominy- a gravely ill Brown Anole

I do to!

Update: Hominy has eaten 2 crickets yesterday, and two crickets today in addition to her regular formula! Granted, I have to get her to open her mouth ( like she’s going to bite ), then I stick the cricket in. She doesn’t try to spit it out or anything! It’s very lucky, and I hope to continue this two-cricket a day regimen.

Her eye is also clearing up with the help of some neosporin ( outside of eyelids ), once-a-day rinse, and eyedrops twice a day.

Things are looking up!!

01/19/12  07:58pm


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  Message To: DrDewlap   In reference to Message Id: 2251765

 Hominy- a gravely ill Brown Anole

Good morning,

How is Hominy doing? It’s amazing what it takes to help such a little creature survive. The pictures you took looked very similar to how Stripes looked when he showed up after lost for a month. He didn’t have any cuts, but definitely dehydrated and the weight loss.

01/27/12  06:38am


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  Message To: Lizardliz   In reference to Message Id: 2252952

 Hominy- a gravely ill Brown Anole

Hi Lizardliz..

I’ve got some bad news. Things have turned for the worse. I can see a bump in Hominy’s back that indicates to me a starting of MBD. She’s got an eye infection in both eyes now, and looks dry despite drinking a good deal of pedialyte on her own. So I’m now switching to more aggressive measures:

I’ve ordered a Neo-Poly-Dex ophthalmic antibiotic ointment ( and suspension ), and the dreaded systemic Baytril. She’s currently being forced some Critical Care Repti-Boost, and I’ll be picking up a tin of pure calcium powder to mix with that tomorrow ( since it only has a 1.2:1 ratio ).

Here’s to hoping everything goes well. I’ll be posting more pictures soon!

01/28/12  09:20pm


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  Message To: DrDewlap   In reference to Message Id: 2253122

 Hominy- a gravely ill Brown Anole

I am so sorry to hear that. She is a brave little lizard. It’s amazing to hold that little creature and you know that they are feeling the love from their owner. The reptiboost is helping Stripes, but he only takes a little bit at a time. I mix it a little thicker, and dab it on his beak. He licks it off, it’s quit cute actually, like a dog. I think he has eaten a couple crickets, the ones I put in are so small, they can be hard to locate.
I really hope Hominy pulls through, and I do think of your situation often throughout the day, keep us posted!

01/30/12  05:05pm


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  Message To: Lizardliz   In reference to Message Id: 2253381

 Hominy- a gravely ill Brown Anole

How is she doing today? I hope and wish all is well.

02/02/12  05:50pm


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  Message To: Lizardliz   In reference to Message Id: 2253739

 Hominy- a gravely ill Brown Anole


I’ve been dragging my feet with this post, mostly because it’s taken a few days to come to terms with it.

A couple days ago I fed Hominy the usual Critical Care formula with a bit of egg yolk mashed into a paste to beef it up a bit. She had lost so much weight that the drop of food she had taken made her gasp for air. She wasn’t able to breathe, and instead of laying her in her cage to die slowly of suffocation I smashed her head with a fire extinguisher: the only humane way to euthanize something so small.

I was traumatized for a good 48 hours and I’m just now able to eat without getting sick. She was instantly dead, but even so..the act of doing it was just so horrifying to me. It’s the reason I stopped in my studies to become a reptile Vet.

Ah but, today I’ve got good news. I cleaned out her cage...and caught an adult brown anole female from the outside: extremely healthy, probably gravid, and will be used for the study of how a healthy anole should be. However, it’s probably just a means of comforting my loss, so I can heap silkworms and butterworms upon one that will greedily eat them. Is this unreasonable?

I hope all is well on your front.

02/03/12  01:04pm


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  Message To: DrDewlap   In reference to Message Id: 2253819

 Hominy- a gravely ill Brown Anole

Hope someday they’ll find a cure

02/03/12  05:44pm


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  Message To: Baja   In reference to Message Id: 2253857

 Hominy- a gravely ill Brown Anole

I am so very sorry:(. I have cried with you and for you and Hominy this morning while reading your post. What a situation to have to deal with. I can’t imagine the strength it took to do that, but she is at peace. I can not watch anything suffer as well. When my walking Sticks were loosing their life, I put them in the freezer in a baggie. They would just go to sleep. I learned that from having to put down sick caterpillars (Monarchs and Black Swallowtails) and it bothers me each time I have to do that.
With loss comes hope. What is your new Anole’s name. It sounds like she came into your life when you needed her most. Nature finds a way.
What I love about everyone on the site, is that these little reptiles are more than just a hobby, they become family like any domestic pet. They study us as much as we study them. They get to know our routine, the smell of our hands and feel the love we give them. It’s amazing.
Good luck on your studies. I am glad you are feeling a little bit better.
Keep us posted on your new girl!

02/04/12  09:51am


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  Message To: Lizardliz   In reference to Message Id: 2253914

 Hominy- a gravely ill Brown Anole

Sorry, I forgot to mention Stripes. He is a she, so she is a Stripette. I figured it out yesterday. She is doing great, eating two to three crickets a day. Her skin is still a bit saggy, but I believe she will recover without any sickness (I hope). Tomorrow it will be two weeks that she came back to me. She does not want her "pablum" anymore. She wants to chase and crunch. She is fussy about the wax worms, which I wish she would eat for the calories. She poops every day, and sits on her plant and watches me at the dining room table (her tank sits behind my chair). She is a lucky lizard!

02/04/12  09:57am

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