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Dino Dan
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 Help questions she is digging..

my 2 anoles(breeding pair) they keep mating all the time. he never has his dwelp out or never chases her around. she is gettting fat around the waist (like she ate marbles) shoud i be inspecting babys she is not really eats alot she is eating 1 meal worm every 2 days i have about 3 meal worms a day in there please awser my questiond.

01/23/12  08:26pm


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  Message To: Dino Dan   In reference to Message Id: 2252492

 Help questions she is digging..

It sounds like she is going to have babys. Marbles in the belly are most likely eggs. and she is digging for a spot to lay her eggs probably and if she cant find a spot she will just lay them out in the open. Wait for another reply from someone who knows more about anoles but I have a Bearded dragon and this happen, She was digging all the time and couldnt figure out why, then I woke up and there were eggs.

01/23/12  09:37pm


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  Message To: BRUTALrazberry   In reference to Message Id: 2252509

 Help questions she is digging..

Yes you should be expecting babies(eggs)and it sounds like their coming soon

02/10/12  07:17am

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