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 Do female green anoles have dewlaps?

i read on an answer and it said that female green anoles also have this true?

01/21/05  03:34pm


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  Message To: Mickey678   In reference to Message Id: 228297

 Do female green anoles have dewlaps?

Female Anoles either have no dewlap or one that is barely evident.

01/21/05  04:09pm


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  Message To: Skjonnhet   In reference to Message Id: 228328

 Do female green anoles have dewlaps?

so,r u sure?if u r right my green anoles a girl
what other features do girls have

01/26/05  07:40pm


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  Message To: Mickey678   In reference to Message Id: 233276

 Do female green anoles have dewlaps?

They are smaller overall, may have a white stripe down its back (can be on some males as well) and males have bright red dewlaps that are hard to miss.

01/31/05  10:41pm


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  Message To: RepticDude   In reference to Message Id: 237429

 Do female green anoles have dewlaps?

my female--who’s currently pregnant has used her dewlap once or twice--its quite big and sticks out far for a female--but she has one--doesnt use it when she’s bobbing her head though.

The female is on the right--male left-

females have shorter snouts.

01/31/05  11:34pm


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  Message To: NikkE   In reference to Message Id: 237469

 Do female green anoles have dewlaps?

nice lizards
2 bad they r a bit stressed or cold

02/01/05  07:58pm


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  Message To: Mickey678   In reference to Message Id: 237980

 Do female green anoles have dewlaps?

these lizards were a bio teachers in school--he let me take them home a few times-- he abused them--fed them MAYBE once a month--all they had was a small plastic cage with a dirty stick NO HEAT... NO LIGHT... NO WATER...NO Life.

I would take them home so they could be happy---they never wanted to leave my hand--they never slept in their cage----they just slept in a fuzzy blanket i mangled on my chair.

I tried to save them--but the teacher became arrogant. I even said I would pay for everything to get them a better home--and he refused. He said I was thinking too much about the anoles and that they were only there to amuse the children.

he even yelled at me for giving them names.

I went to the science department in my school--to tell them about this abuse--they said they would help--but they really didn’t and made my life a living hell.

I went to the vice principal---he told me off for pestering the teachers.
They banned me from going into ANY science room in the school--I couldnt even walk on the side of the hallway where the science doors were. *if my friend had something of mine in a classroom--I couldnt even go near the doorway to tell them to come out--I had to send someone in for me.
they pressured me to the point of dropping out 2 months before my graduation.

two days after I dropped out the anoles died--and one was pregnant.

02/02/05  05:47pm


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  Message To: NikkE   In reference to Message Id: 238599

 Do female green anoles have dewlaps?

why the hell were they being so mean?
sound to me like they were b****s!
i can`t believe someone could be so cruel!
i`m really sorry i brought it up

02/02/05  05:53pm


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  Message To: Mickey678   In reference to Message Id: 238610

 Do female green anoles have dewlaps?

no no no! dont be sorry. Its alright. Its good for me to talk about it and get it out of my system----

and the story gets much worse...What I told you is only half the story.

I had discovered two more anoles in another classroom in worst off condition.

Both teachers--had 2 anoles--and had them for at least 2-3 years.
Except this teacher hadn’t cleaned their cage even once.
All these anoles had was one very dirty stick--absolutely covered in old poop.
--the walls of the cage were completely filthy and poop covered-
-the anoles themselves-- for petes sake--were covered in poop

they weren’t even dark brown--they were gray. and hid behind the stick all the time.

The water dish he had for them was an old petri dish, that was too old and rusted to use for sciece class experiments--but good enough for them(stupid-@$$wipe)
It was completely disgusting--filled with old poop and dirt.
There was so much old poop===piled on top of older poop--it was horrible

I asked the teacher if he would let me--clean out the cage for him--he said yes.
So I did--I washed out theie cheap plastic prison---threw everything else out and replaced it with my own supplies.
HECK- That cage was so dirty I had to wear medical gloves when cleaning it--

I even HAD TO wash the anoles off-because they were so filthy.

I asked this teacher if I could take his anoles home over christmas break to raise them back to health--and he said yes---BUT the other teacher- who had the first anoles I fell in love with said no with rage.

Well during christmas I PURPOSELY put a hot light 2 the cage and melted it therefore gave me the excuse to get them a new PROPER enviroment.
I spent over 300 dollars--of my own money to buy them what turned out to be a paridise--filled with greenery and running water and plentiful food and heat!
They were the healthiest anoles I have ever seen. I’ve never seen something so small poop such long logs! heheheheh!

I brought them back to school with their new environment! IT WAS THE TALK OF THE TOWN---every teacher in the school came down to see how wonderful it was.
even the other--evil teacher.

2 weeks later I walked by his class, looked in--only to find everything--even the waterfall--scattered out onto the counter top--all he left in was one stream of leaves.
and thats it. (he hadnt even bought any crickets yet--after 2 weeks )

I took the un-used supplies home--and I was really pissed off--because I hadn’t even charged them for all the stuff I bought.

They dragged me into the councilors office and ripped me apart inside saying I wasn’t being punished--NO OF COURSE NOT---you’re just being..well..screwed!

because I was as they told me."harassing the teacher"--because the day I brough the anoles back I had writen him a note to remind him to change the lights before he goes home! I did it out of kindness--and got the whip for it.

2 or some weeks after that--his anoles died--because he hadn’t fed them even once since I brought them back.--and I had them so happy and healthy

AND there is more---but this post is already very long...again. It gets worse too if you can even imagine it did.

02/03/05  06:54pm


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  Message To: NikkE   In reference to Message Id: 239478

 Do female green anoles have dewlaps?

that is bullshit!
they dont have a right to treat them like that!they r living creatures
it cant get worse poor anoles
if i knew i would have sneaked in and stole them(to my house)
i just dont get it!why do people act so cruel?
f**k them! RIP

02/03/05  07:16pm

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