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 Any pics/websites to show the SEX of ball pythons?

Well I know this question comes up ALL THE TIME but I have 2 UNSEXED ball pythons... i am guessing one is a male and one is a female but really do not know... so if you can direct me towards a WEBSITE... WITH PICTURES i would appreciate it


05/25/07  12:41am


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  Message To: Beardierick   In reference to Message Id: 1293111

 Any pics/websites to show the SEX of ball pythons?

Your best bet would be to go to the vet and get it sexed. There is now "positive" way to tell if you are not a professional or donít have a professional doing it. Plus, if you try to do it yourself you can end up severely hurting your snake. There are websites that tell you how to "go about doing it", but do you really want to risk potentially injuring your bp?

05/25/07  12:50am


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  Message To: Jadrian   In reference to Message Id: 1293118

 Any pics/websites to show the SEX of ball pythons?

I hear that one way of telling is by the length of their anal spurs, males with longer more conspicuous oneís than females, but I donít know how accurate this is. There are a couple of methods on how to sex them but I would always take it to someone who knows what they are doing, in case you hurt them.

Another way of telling them apart is by size, adult females generally being larger than adult females, but this doesnít help when buying them young.

05/25/07  06:53am


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  Message To: Bazzer   In reference to Message Id: 1293227

 Any pics/websites to show the SEX of ball pythons?


length of their anal spurs

That isnít reliable... the only way to know for sure is popping or probing, same with size... if you use those methods, youíre guessing...

Ball Pythons are not sexually dimorphic.


05/25/07  07:48am


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  Message To: LoftLizard   In reference to Message Id: 1293249

 Any pics/websites to show the SEX of ball pythons?

I found a site (sorry canít find it) that had pics and step by step instructions...
looked easy but it also states

"If you are inexperienced at sexing snakes you should take your snake to a professional and have them show you, as you can seriously injure your snake!".

Then went on about small things that May tell you approx what sex it May be, with out popping.

As Bazzer stated the spurs are different...
The site said that Most snakes do not care to allow themselves to be sexed without a struggle, or biting.

For a male ball python, itís a slender spur showing little wear.
It does have a lot of inward hook, typical of males.

Also said that the male tend to have a smaller head, but if you donít know the age, and the snake is underfed there is no positive way to tell the head is smaller or larger.
But by no means is this an accurat determining factor of the sex of a snake.

05/25/07  08:11am


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  Message To: Marg   In reference to Message Id: 1293270

 Any pics/websites to show the SEX of ball pythons?

I personally wouldnít trust spur size or shape, tail shape, head size, or any of that stuff. Probing or popping by an experienced herp vet, snake breeder or hobbyist is your best bet. Most will also be quite happy to teach you to pop or probe (for probing you do need a probe kit).

05/25/07  09:35am

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