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 New Ball Python pics! Tank setup too!

This is Ka! I got him on the 22nd of December, hes already had his first feed and such! Hes very laid back, very curious about everything. I definitely got him for his coloration and his very sweet personality.

This is his tank setup right now. I know its not exactly perfect just yet. The log is pretty large, one end extends towards the side of the tank with the heater while the other goes towards the cooler side. Lots of fun branches and wood to climb on and under. The snake really likes exploring them and then laying on the log under the hot lamp.

Now theres my only problem there, and Im sure most of you can spot it just with a glance at the thermometer. I try to keep it at a nice warm 80 degrees, this was taken this morning just after I got up and turned on the lamp so things are starting to heat up again so thats why its so low. My room is -so- hard to keep warm. I have two brick walls and a bad window and the heat just does not stay in my room at all. For the most part I think the snakes are fine, they usually lay on their heaters in their hides and theyre a little more active during the day and the evening (I stay up pretty late). Any other suggestions for keeping it warm at night? Im thinking about investing in a red light or something so any good advice on a better overall heat source would be awesome.

Just noting that this isnt a permanent home either, Ill probably be getting a much larger tank when I have christmas bills paid off etc.

01/03/08  02:51pm


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  Message To: Morsel   In reference to Message Id: 1566704

 New Ball Python pics! Tank setup too!

Words of advice for a cold house..
Try to keep his and the other tanks on an INSIDE wall.. not one next to an outside wall...
It may help...
Get a radiant oil filled heater. It comes with an automatic thermostat, and will keep the room you OR the reptiles in at a constant temp.
I keep 90% if my reptiles, tarantulas and breeder mice in one room. A walk in closet.
I keep a very small ceramic heater on a thermostat on the floor to keep the room about 75 degrees.
There is a heat lamp ... NEAR but not ON or against any of the reptile cages, to keep their temp 80 on the cool side.
I have geckos so they have a basking lamp on during the day and a night lamp on during the night.
I keep the humidity in each BP tub up by keeping moss in a small container and filling it with water as needed to keep it damp. AND I have water dishes.
I live IN the country, IN WI.. where the high is about 17 degrees with the lows in the negatives. IN an old Victorian house, that has leaky windows, and lots of them.
I have plastic up, which helps.. but it gets around the sills.. and is just cold.
I keep my large king snake in our room, he is hibernating for now, and has his hot side about 78-82 and his cool side is the room temp around 70 or so degrees.

You can ditch the large log for Ka, he would prefer a smaller water bowl, and two snug hides.
I have a 2 yr old rescue who is only marginally larger than a pair of 6 month olds I rescued as well..
She was kept in with another snake who is larger...
She has a wide mouthed cereal bowl with a cut taken out of it. She loves it.
You dont have to go elaborate, I like the decor.. great job there..
But I have a margarine container for water, a log with greenery on it, propped up to create a climbing area, and a half log hide for the cool side.. her cereal bowl is on the hot side.

I hope this helps.. and I am a noob at this.. just read stuff and trying to make it all work out.


01/03/08  03:46pm


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  Message To: Morsel   In reference to Message Id: 1566704

 New Ball Python pics! Tank setup too!


That BP looks great. How old is it?

01/03/08  06:53pm


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  Message To: KAMANDAG   In reference to Message Id: 1566973

 New Ball Python pics! Tank setup too!

I’m not really sure on the age, he’s maybe a foot and a half to two feet long, that’s just an estimate though, haven’t been able to measure him against a ruler. The pet store took very good care of him and his tank mates.

01/03/08  07:29pm


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  Message To: Morsel   In reference to Message Id: 1567031

 New Ball Python pics! Tank setup too!

I just set up my tank...

I have an undertank heater on the cool side and a heating pad on the warm side. I keep the cool side between 80-84 degrees and the warm side between 90-94 degrees. I have an identicle hide on each end. Ive been told that a BP can develop a preferance to one hide if they are not the same, therefore not regulating its temperature properly. Ive also been told that a BP preferes a hide small enough that it can touch all sides when inside. Upgrades to my tank will include plastic bowls for hides and digital indoor/outdoor thermometer and hydrometer. I currently use repti-carpet covered by paper towels as a substrate. The snake should not be able to come into direct contact with the glass over the UTH. The glass can become extremely hot and burn your snake. Dont trash that cool log! Keep it to put in his next tank, when he gets bigger! I got 99% of my info on how to care for a BP on this site. Check out this thread Ball Python Setup. Cool name! We almost named ours Ka, but my son named him Khan.

"Sssstop, sssstruggling, ssso and ssssssleep" -Ka

01/03/08  08:29pm


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  Message To: Blix   In reference to Message Id: 1567127

 New Ball Python pics! Tank setup too!

I’m not using a UTH, I’m actually using a heating pad so I can regulate the temperatures, that’s why there’s bare glass everywhere, the snake cleared off some spots to curl up and warm up (It’s warm to the touch but not so hot it will burn). I’m trying to find something shallow enough to be tight for the snake, still looking around the house. I’ll check the craft store ASAP too. He does sleep under the log though.

Got the temperatures up by heating up the room a little more so I seem to have that regulated a little without it being uncomfortable for me.

And Ka ate a mouse today too, what an ordeal! It had to be moving and wriggling and caught in his coils before he would even try to eat it. That’s hard to do with a f/t mouse!

I’m going to refrain from any large changes to the tank until two days from now so he can digest and rest.

01/03/08  08:59pm


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  Message To: Morsel   In reference to Message Id: 1567203

 New Ball Python pics! Tank setup too!

Theres something seriously wrong with my keyboard. I can type, Im well educated, my keyboard just stinks.

01/03/08  09:00pm


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  Message To: Morsel   In reference to Message Id: 1567205

 New Ball Python pics! Tank setup too!

Nice bp, beautiful colors! Good luck on the heating. What type of heating pad is it?

01/03/08  09:06pm


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  Message To: Candy_Corn   In reference to Message Id: 1567221

 New Ball Python pics! Tank setup too!

Thank you! Just a standard heating pad with a low, medium and high setting. Currently it’s on medium, I switch it to low on the warmer days.

01/03/08  09:53pm

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