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 Baby chicks...

Can ball pythons eat baby chicks?

09/24/08  01:49pm


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  Message To: Tony7688   In reference to Message Id: 1867430

 Baby chicks...

They can. However, chicks aren’t quite as nutrional for a snake as mice or rats would be. If thats all your snake will eat for the time being, then I suppose its better than nothing at all, but rodents would be better.

09/24/08  02:27pm


Eves Ball Pythons
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  Message To: Kmp92   In reference to Message Id: 1867445

 Baby chicks...

My advice is: If it is not currently eating chicks, don’t experiment. Chicks are not the most nutritional food items for BPs (rats & mice are), and they can be extremely picky eaters at times, so if you decide to try chicks, you may have a heck of a hard time switching it back to rodents.

09/24/08  11:01pm


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  Message To: Eves Ball Pythons   In reference to Message Id: 1867807

 Baby chicks...

Chicks also give runny poop...

09/25/08  03:15pm


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  Message To: Tony7688   In reference to Message Id: 1867430

 Baby chicks...

Can they? sure they can now the real question is should they?

BP do not need treats or variety, rodent diet is all they need.

When changing prey you are always taking the risk to have your animal imprint on the new prey item which can become a problem (what if you no longer have access to chicks? what if you re-home your BP? (I can assure you not many people will want to feed chicks)

Also chicks give you nice runny smelly poop don’t know about you but thank you.

My advice stick to rat and mice.

So my question to you is why do you want to feed chicks?

09/25/08  03:57pm


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  Message To: GA_Ball_Pythons   In reference to Message Id: 1868159

 Baby chicks...

This is always a topic I love to chime in on an rub feathers a little lol. I like what everyone is saying by the way. However, the snake is not going to imprint on the chick if it is an established rodent eater now. There is no reason for them to since they are not a bird specialist.

Runny poop....ya, you will probably get it with day old chicks.

Diet variety....needed? Well that’s debatable. It certainly can’t hurt to give chicks a try every so often if you want. Diet variety really can’t hurt.

Treats? No, they don’t need treats. Nor will they see it as a treat.

Do I give chicks to my ball pythons? No. Have I? Yes. Do I ever offer birds to other snakes and lizards for diet variety? Absolutely. Would I give my ball pythons chicks for diet variety every so often if I had an abundance of chicks and not so many animals to consider? Sure.

Hope this helps.

09/25/08  08:18pm

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