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 Bearded dragon bleeding.... :(

Hi....I just had my beardie, Frey (male, 4yrs old) to the vet on Saturday and he got medication to treat parasites (Panacur).
I was told to force feed him for a little while just to make sure he was getting some nutrition since he was otherwise refusing to eat.

Yesterday I was feeding him...He would eat a piece and then spit a piece out...and when he spit one piece of parsnip out it came out with blood on it.
I opened up his mouth to have a look and it looked like the blood was possibly coming from the roof of his mouth, as well as maybe the side of his teeth.
I didn’t know what I could do for him, and he seemed OK so I went ahead and gave him his medication.
Then today he finally did his poo...which is good because that’s what the vet said to hope he seems to be better.
But when I gave him his medication and fed him again, when he spit some out I noticed that the blood is still there...and still seems fresh (still bright red)

I have a couple of questions:
1. what should I do, since my vet is now closed for the holidays?! will this heal itself? what are the chances of infection?

2. is it bad that he took his medication and calcium fortified veggies while his mouth was bleeding? could either of these enter his bloodstream via his wound and cause him harm???

3. how do you guys feed your beardies parsnip, I had it cut into small, uncooked, unpeeled pieces. I can’t figure out how this would have cut him?


12/23/09  02:56pm


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  Message To: Ak709   In reference to Message Id: 2107560

 Bearded dragon bleeding.... :(

Hi there,

Ok, first of all, if he is refusing to eat, for nutrition you should offer him a little chicken and squash baby food, mixed, add a little water, and calcium as well. Thats very good nutrition for him until he is eating on his own again...Feed it to him through a dropper, or syringe he should lick it off his nose, beardies love baby food :)

As for the bleeding, have you looked to see if you can see a cut or anything? Is it possible he may have bitten something in his enclosure? I have a big rock for some of mine, and for some reason they like to bite on it...Or maybe the parsnip may have scratched the roof of his mouth? I would have a look though, to see if you see a cut or anything. If it’s just a little scratch I don’t think you have anything to worry about....If it continues to bleed though, maybe someone could have a look at him hopefully...

I only offer parsnip once in a while as mine don’t seem to like it anyway, but what I do is grate it up with a cheese grator, same with squach to :)

Let us know how he does...


12/23/09  07:15pm


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  Message To: Newfgal   In reference to Message Id: 2107620

 Bearded dragon bleeding.... :(

Hi Nancy,
My vet saw Frey as an emergency patient on Christmas Eve morning which was amazing.
A small piece of parsnip had wedged itself into the roof of his mouth and that was causing the irritation and bleeding.
He is doing much better now...almost 100% back to his old adventurous self!

THANK YOU for your tips about the food! I didn’t know that beardies could have chicken...could that make up their 20% protein instead of crickets?? I’m a little afraid to give him crickets since he got parasites this year and I feel like it was from them. Also, thank you for letting me know about the grater! That’s such an awesome will make the food so soft! And baby food! I never thought of that either.

I have learned so much off this forum...I wish I had of known about it sooner.

Hopefully you get to see this and know how much I appreciate your help! :)


01/04/10  09:33am


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  Message To: Ak709   In reference to Message Id: 2110595

 Bearded dragon bleeding.... :(


I didn’t know that beardies could have chicken...could that make up their 20% protein instead of crickets??

No, and what I meant was chicken based baby food, and squash baby food mixed together, not actual chicken :) And the baby food are for beardies that refuse to eat or are sick, it should not be offered all the time, but as a treat once in a while is ok...

I am so happy to hear it was nothing serious, thats great news!


01/04/10  09:56am


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  Message To: Newfgal   In reference to Message Id: 2110597

 Bearded dragon bleeding.... :(

When my dragon got worms and parasites, I also had the feeling it was in part from the crickets. A few days ago I came across a care sheet on beautiful dragons .com by a guy named Joel. He refuses to give his beardies crickets for that very same reason. There are many alternatives to crickets. After reading that care sheet, talking to CPhill, and doing a bit of my own research, I’m switching to roaches as soon as I can get them established.

If you are rich, phoenix worms and silk worms are the way to go. Phoenix worms have an enzyme in them that helps fight parasites, and silk worms have a few different things in them that help metabolize calcium, and have even been shown to reduce plaque in arteries. I can get crickets for $.016, but phoenix cost $.05 and silks $.2 so it’s a lot more expensive, but well worth it.

If you are not rich, which most of us aren’t, maybe supplement with worms. I feed my dragon lots of greens, squash, and crickets, then give him 2 wax, 2 silk, 5 phoenix, and 3 super worms each day. You can’t give juveniles super worms though.

After 2 weeks of treatment, he beat the worms (panacur) but still had coccydia (albon). I had the vet up his does, because he was almost 20 grams heavier by end of the treatment. After another two weeks of treatment, he still had runny stool, so I began more research. After feeding him 20 phoenix worms a day for about a month now, his stool is solid like it should be, and he is twice as active now.

This is just my experience, and I may or may not be feeding too many super worms, but I’ve raised his temps a little to help digest, and I started feeding him the last time of the day, 3 hours before lights out.

01/04/10  11:39am


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  Message To: SkumBoss   In reference to Message Id: 2110622

 Bearded dragon bleeding.... :(

I to gave up feeding crickets...until the hatchlings came along that is, lol...I fed off all my baby roaches to them, as well as crickets, but once I have my colony of roaches back again, I plan on ditching crickets again, well at least for my crew...I am still breeding and selling them to a few people from my town, but won’t be feeding them to my beardies as long as they are lovin roaches :)


01/04/10  12:15pm

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