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 Houseing superworms

Hi all..havnt been around much lately, been crazy here! Anyway, i have a question on supers. I normally buy 50 supers at a time and just been either keeping them in their container or dumping them into a med sized critter keeper. Well, I have just ordered a 1000 online since it was cheeper and kind of wandering how large of a space would be sufficient to house them in? Also, I seem to have alot of mine turning black (dying), is there somthing I may be doing wrong here or is this just their couse of life?

FYI..its amaxing how much my guys LOVE these things! Even my water dragon that doesnt like to eat. He has plumped up nicly since hes discovered them and is eating them by handfeeding with no problem, which is somthing he would NEVER do! I just have to reming the kids constantly that they are just candy. But we do get such a kick out of how the critters act when they know their getting them. My beardie Dashia will sit pretty and all but beg like a dog to get one lol.

01/29/10  12:27pm


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 Houseing superworms

I bought 350 last time I was at the show, and I’ve had maybe 10 die so far. A few have turned into beatles, but I’m pretty sure the worms are eating them because all I find are shells. I keep them in the original container, and give them left over greens, and I also sprinkled some roach chow in there for them.

They aren’t as bad as mealworms, but they still have a hard shell. Try and feed the lighter colored ones, as those have recently molted and are softer.

01/29/10  01:56pm

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