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 Caiman sounds

Hi I have a pet caiman im not sure how old it is im sure its less than a year its maybe a foot long anyways i noticed the other night when i turned off his lights after about an hour he started making a a raspy noise im pretty sure ive heard it on the discovery channel when baby alligators are first born in their dens i was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and i wondered what the best thing to do is to leave him alone or what?


11/06/07  10:40pm


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  Message To: Westerlynut   In reference to Message Id: 1504439

 Caiman sounds

sounds like an RI - respoirity infection take him to the vet

11/08/07  11:45pm


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  Message To: Buddy&Konas   In reference to Message Id: 1506914

 Caiman sounds

Iím sorry but I dont think its R.I. It sounds to me like you have a normal caiman making normal caiman noises, My healthy caiman makes the same noises, alligators make a more high pitched cute cry or chirp but caiman and crocodiles have a more deeper raspy sound that they make, it can sound almost like a bark at times and they also breath in deeply and exhale to hiss when they feel threatened and if you look at a caiman they will ussually huff and puff and bark at you, and do a little roaring too. From what Ive seen they do this for different reasons, when they feel lonely they make noises, or when they are exited about to eat they grunt and chirp, and when they feel in danger they make those noises as well and they also do it to communicate with other crocs wether they are there or not, if you have one croc in an enclosure they have no way of knowing that there are not other crocs around so they still might grunt to see if they hear another croc grunting back.......It doesnt sound out of the ordinary at all, Now if you hear a sound like the sound humans make when they have fluid in their lungs and see mucus dripping from the nostrils it could be R.I. but its more common in moniter lizards rather than crocodilians.......

11/21/07  02:52am

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