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 Feeding chart on Wikipedia

This is the feeding chart from Wikipedia and I was wondering if it is any use?

Snake weight Mouse Type Mouse weight Frequency
4–15 g Single Pinky 2–3 g 7 days
16–23 g Double Pinky 2–3 g times two 7 days
23-30 g Double Large Pinky 4-5 times two 7 days
30–40g Small fuzzies 5–7 g 7 days
40–50 g Regular fuzzies 7–9 g 7 days
51–90 g Hoppers 9–12 g 7 days
91–170 g Weaned 14–20 g 7 days
170–400 g Adult 24–30 g 7 to ? days
400g+ Jumbo Adults 40–50 g 7 to ? days

So according to this chart, my snake is 14g and so should be eating a single pinky every 7 days?

01/24/08  09:15am


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  Message To: Ladybirdscreatures   In reference to Message Id: 1592089

 Feeding chart on Wikipedia

Apropriate size prey is ...and there will probably be debate on this...
The prey size should be no more than 1 1/2 times the girth (widest part of snake)
and no smaller than the girth size... once a week
*every 5 days for hatchlings/babies, is ok,
  till they are big enough to go up in prey size.

If you want to "measure" the prey by ounces, it is a good idea to know,
if you like to order online, or in bulk, this way you know how big the prey is when ordering :o)

01/24/08  09:33am


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  Message To: Marg   In reference to Message Id: 1592102

 Feeding chart on Wikipedia

I weighed my pinkies and fuzzies and it came out as the pinkies weigh 2g and the fuzzies are 4g
Hm... I think I have maybe been underfeeding my snake with one small food item? I’ll give her a double pinky this time, that would get her 4g of food. I weighed the snake when I got her and she was 9g, and eating one 2g pinky and now she is 14g still eating one 2g pinky... makes sense? No wonder she isn’t growing much! Argh!

01/24/08  10:54am


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  Message To: Ladybirdscreatures   In reference to Message Id: 1592187

 Feeding chart on Wikipedia

I prefer to feed smaller more frequent food items to yearlings and younger. This keeps a nice steady growth rate with out stressing the digestive system too much with larger items.

01/24/08  02:44pm


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  Message To: Wisema2297   In reference to Message Id: 1592392

 Feeding chart on Wikipedia

I agree 100%, Ralph, and said so in the other thread about your worries that the snake wasn’t growing enough, Ladybirdscreatures. I think you are worrying too much about your corn. You don’t need to go into things so precisely to have a healthy snake. While I am a fan of Wikipedia and find it particularly interesting to read about famous people’s lives on it, it is after all an encyclopedia anyone can edit and so you can’t just swallow without question everything on it. It’s always best to cross check things. And your snake looks healthy, and I don’t think you should suddenly increase meal size. It’s a recipe for regurgitation. Increase the size gradually if you like, but really the growth rate as you described (2 inches in 3 months) is normal and a pinky every five to seven days is standard - perhaps go up to a small fuzzy now. But I think you’re worrying too much - relax, everything is fine!

01/25/08  04:04am


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  Message To: Jessica71   In reference to Message Id: 1593480

 Feeding chart on Wikipedia

Well, if you say so... it’s just that, everyone else’s corns seem to be much bigger at the same age

01/25/08  05:58am


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  Message To: Ladybirdscreatures   In reference to Message Id: 1593494

 Feeding chart on Wikipedia

Ladybird it’s like Jessica said-relax. Snakes grow at different rates. For example: I have a ’07 Charcoal and her brother a Normal. He is twice the size of her. They get fed the same day every week and she decides some times she will eat others she wont. She is nice and healthy not skinny at all but he is much bigger. Some just grow faster than others.

01/25/08  09:10am


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  Message To: Bekers71   In reference to Message Id: 1593599

 Feeding chart on Wikipedia

Oh ok! That makes me feel a lot better! Thanks

01/25/08  10:53am


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  Message To: Ladybirdscreatures   In reference to Message Id: 1593725

 Feeding chart on Wikipedia

You obviously have the gift of reassurance there, Becky! - didn’t work for me! Some snakes are bigger than others, like some people are bigger than others.

01/25/08  03:50pm


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  Message To: Jessica71   In reference to Message Id: 1593993

 Feeding chart on Wikipedia

how big should the pinkies be for a 2 week old corn snake petco fed it last and i dont know please help quick

02/05/08  02:15am


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  Message To: Chaozx323   In reference to Message Id: 1610323

 Feeding chart on Wikipedia

I wouldnt go by this chart if i were you. If your unsure post a pic of the pinky beside the snake so someone can tell you. I thought pinkies generally came in one size anyway. We learned the hard way not to use this chart. Good Luck.

02/05/08  10:56am

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