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Frog luver
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 How can i make my dog stop peeing on my new carpet?


My dog Brigitte is a big
cutie but she was one problem,
she thinks my new carpet is
the perfect location to pee.
Ive tried sooooooo many things
to make her stop but shes resisting
to everything. Anybody know what i could do about this?

Here she is...

10/07/07  09:48pm


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  Message To: Frog luver   In reference to Message Id: 1470917

 How can i make my dog stop peeing on my new carpet? how old is the doggie??..thats my first u crate train?.(thats the best way to prevent him going where u dont want him to go..then re-train like a pup)....when he goes on the new u use a enzyme cleaner...(gotta have that!!)..or they will keep going to that spot to pee/poop...maybe he is trying to mark his territory..since its a new carpet..and dosent have his scent yet??.they wil do that sometimes...its a hard thing...but dont give up hope!

10/07/07  10:44pm


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  Message To: Reddcatt   In reference to Message Id: 1470972

 How can i make my dog stop peeing on my new carpet?

is he/she spayed/nutured?
has it ever been house trained.
how old is it?

all u have to do is take it out more often. im not saying,u dont take it out, but i trained my dog by taking her outside every time i saw her sniffing and circling. thats their way of telling u they need to go to the bathroom. watch it more carefully. then after a while itll learn new ways of telling u. like my dog goes to the back/patio door. and i know she has to go. becuz she learned that wen its pee time,mum walks me outside. so thats where i must go. things like that.
in my opinion, crate training sucks, its kinda like newspaper training. they learn to go sumwhere in the house, so they think thats where their supposed to go.
and its true most dogs wont go to the bathroom in their kennel, sum dogs will. but if u d crate train it, make sure that wen u let the dog out, u put its leash on write away,. and quikly take it outside, where u should then praise it for going outside. cuz u dont want to let it out of the crate,and it think, yay pee time, and pee on ur

good luk

10/07/07  11:41pm


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  Message To: EM-JAY   In reference to Message Id: 1471034

 How can i make my dog stop peeing on my new carpet? crate training..the whole point is to...keep the dog they dont pee/poop..EVERYWHERE in your a crate..u can control...WHERE they go potty!!.(i.e...NOT on your new IS WHAT they need to kinda goes with out saying..if u crate train a dog..when u let it out of the goes OUTSIDE RIGHT AWAY...otherwise...what is the point of using the crate?? way is crate trainig like paper training!! paper training..u are LETTING the dog go in the house!! crate training...u are NOT letting the dog go in the house....when u let the dog out of the crate...bring it outside RIGHT AWAY...if it dosent go in a certain amount of time..u bring the dog back inside..and BACK in the crate..then in like 5-10 min..try again...he WILL eventually go outside!!..then u act crazy praising him!!!..have a treat ready....HE will get it!!!...good luck!!!..wendy...

10/08/07  01:46am

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