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 Goliath frogs for sale

I was surfing the web and found goliath frogs for sale for only $22.99 at I wonder if thay are the real goliath frog. I thaugt they were endangered and very expensive.

11/06/07  10:56am


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 Goliath frogs for sale

I’ll have to take a look. If they are the real thing, they’re probably captive bred, if you can do that with them.

11/06/07  01:04pm


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  Message To: Reptile88   In reference to Message Id: 1503616

 Goliath frogs for sale

Goliath frog(Conraua goliath).


Conraua alleni are a species of Slippery Frogs or Goliath Frogs (Conraua) this Genus also contains the true Goliath Frog (Conraua goliath). Very little is known about any of the frogs in this Genus, from what I have seen of C.alleni this year they may be able to attain a size of 9" maybe more, maybe less, the largest I saw was 6.5". They originate from Western Africa (Sierra Leone to Togo).(copied from a post made in 2005)(Pollywog)

11/06/07  01:40pm

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