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 Frog has clear bubble protruding from its rectum

my leopard frog got away from me yesterday while I was putting him in an another tank so I could clean his tank. He jumped from my hand and landed on the floor. It was probably a good 2 1/2 foot drop. I had a clean towel on the floor in which he landed. I’m afraid he has internal injuries. He has since become bloated and now there is a clear membrane bubble coming out of his rectum. He is still active, but whats that bubble???? Any info would be helpful.

03/03/05  04:56pm


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 Frog has clear bubble protruding from its rectum

i’d put money on it’s a prolapsed intestine

some info

i’d separate him from your other frogs into his own quarntine tank
there are some methods of treating it that i’ve heard of
if you can get him to a vet
here is one suggestion of treatment from an experinced guy i know

"That’s a cloacal prolapse. What you need to do with a frog is reduce the swelling by putting it in a hypertonic solution that will remove the extra fluid or edema. The easiest and safest is probably a saturated solution of sugar water, although you can use ophthalmic saline, as well. Just stir in as much sugar as will dissolve in some spring water and plunk his butt in it. This will "draw out" the swelling caused by excess fluid by osmosis. You CAN push it back in if this doesn’t work completely, with a Q-tip lubricated with KY jelly. But as Kristina points out, this is full of possible problems in doing more damage unless you are very delicate about it. There are many causes of prolapse, so do consult the veterinarian. These are merely emergency measures, although occasionally, it works in the long run."

i hope this helps some, let me know how he does

03/03/05  09:18pm

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