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My daughter has a (appx 5 mth old) leopard gecko. Last night, he was walking around, then all of a sudden screeched, and started seizing (??). His mouth was open, and he just started twitching violently. It stopped after about 2 minutes, then he remained lethargic and practically immobile for the remainder of the night. This morning, I checked on him, and he was still in the same place. Moments later, he again screeched, but this time, seized for appx 15 minutes. His whole body twitched for about 3 minutes, then his tail just thrashed around wildly for the remainder of the time. He pulled himself half-way into his little cave, and has been there for a few hours now. I’ve reached in to pet him, and he just sits there--barely moves.

Background: Overhead UV lights (day/night), reptipad floor, dusted crickets 1x a week, mealworms every night, always fresh water. Nice, fat tail.

I realize that this cannot possibly be good. However, it breaks my heart to think that the little guy, since he seems to be practically immobile, will die of starvation or dehydration. Has anyone experienced anything similar to this?


04/29/11  09:32am


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I had a leopard gecko who had a parasite and his veins began to rupture he was still living but couldn’t move. The best thing to do is to put the gecko to sleep, its sad but if the gecko cant move its heart breaking to watch them starve to death...

do the right thing

04/30/11  11:59am


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Do you give it any vitamins or dust its food?
If you can i would take it to a vet to see if its anything fixable before you cull it.


05/02/11  05:48pm

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