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 Cali. king snake

static my cali kingsnake. ugh where do i start on one of my favorite family members. ever science iv got him hes been feisty. he hates his water bowl and the corners of the cage door when its open. randomly try to bite the lip of his water bowl when hes exploring and stuff. as soon as he hears the doors latch he shakes his tail and hes always hungry it seems. as soon as i touch him he whips his head around . i can handle him and hes fine and nice then as hes slither through my hands and all over the place hell just start gnawing on my finger my armpit randomly. varsous eater . defecates alot. always out and about looking for something. once u pick him up hes fine.. for 5 minutes then he just randomly opens and chomps when ur least expecting.. kinda like the sour patch kids commercial .I’m rambling now but. iv had him for 6 years and hes never had a bad experience that i know of i got him as a he hungry? is his temps to hot? is he just mouthie?. is not a strike.. its a deliberate bite and working it into his mouth.

06/24/11  07:42pm


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  Message To: Reptilerancher757   In reference to Message Id: 2226512

 Cali. king snake

Well I don’t have much helpful advice. But I can tell you that I have 3 cali kingsnakes. 2 girls and 1 boy. The first one we got a couple of years ago. She is the sweetest kingsnake I have ever met. She has never ever bitten me. But she loves to bite my boyfriend. He has never had the pleasure of holding her bite free lol. I believe she thinks she taste and/or smells tasty!

My second kingsnake I got last year. He was a biter from day one. Hated everyone! Would even strike the glass as you walk past. He was underweight when I got him. It took me 8 months but he is now a calm boy and I haven’t been bitten since. Everyone else is too afraid of him. I think his problem was mostly being hungry and not handled.

The third kingsnake is just a month old baby. She rattles her tail and strikes. But doesn’t bite. This is normal baby behavior.

All 3 kings are cage aggressive. Strike, rattles tail, will push you off if touched. But once out seem fine with me. But I do notice if I’m sweaty I do get bitten more. Even the one who doesn’t normally bite me gets interested and acts like she’s getting ready to bite. I put her back at this point.

The whole point of my examples are that kings are all different but I have noticed that if you smell interesting, they will bite you. If you are sweaty, they will bite you. If you happen to have a taste they like on you, they will bite you. If you move in an interesting way, they will bite you. If they are hungry, they will bite you. So many things will cause it. You can try to figure it out and try ways to stop it. But some snakes are just biters and nothing helps.

06/26/11  07:39am


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  Message To: Psychotic   In reference to Message Id: 2226670

 Cali. king snake

yea i always hear everyone say there king snakes are so nice. i still love him bites and all.

06/28/11  03:26pm


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  Message To: Reptilerancher757   In reference to Message Id: 2226936

 Cali. king snake

LOL....I have never heard of such a bitey ...that’s is actually making me laugh out loud.

I had a cali back at age 12....only 1x did it strike out ...when 5 kids were trying to handle it at once. It bit my

40 years later I have 2 brooks (Florida) and 1 cali ...the Cali is a bit flighty but not bitey...very picky eater and has gone off food last year from July to August/ Oct. I have written records somewhere. Anyway i am just agreeing that they allk have personalites that vary.....

But I loved Rancher’s final

07/01/11  04:50pm


Snake whisperer1
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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2227325

 Cali. king snake

Wow I have’nt been on this site for a lil while to read this post but I feel the need to comment anyway. I must be the lucky one to have a Cali King that has not yet struck or tried to bite at me! She has gone off feed only when she sheds and usually eats 1 fuzzy a week. She loves to hide so I always have to go in and find her wherever she is and she just remains calm while I pick her up! I’m not sure if its because I handle her as much as possible except for 2-3 days after feeding, or just she has a very gentle personality. Either way after reading this post I feel I got very lucky with mine. However, I like to hear about what other Cali Kings are like personality wise.

08/27/11  08:04pm

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