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 Multiple leos

I am building a cage for my male leo, and was wondering would it be a good idea if I put 2 females in with him, or would he just harrass them to much. the cage is a little over 36 gallons. I just want opinions and facts. the reason I say 2 is so that he is not completely focused on 1 all the time.

03/25/10  07:20pm


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  Message To: CAM95   In reference to Message Id: 2136074

 Multiple leos

That sounds fine to me. I have a trio of leos to 1 male with 2 females. They are just over a year old so not into breeding mode yet. I have made sure they have plenty of caves and rocks so they are not harassed by each other to much.

03/27/10  12:43pm


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  Message To: RjAmelcorn   In reference to Message Id: 2136476

 Multiple leos

That would be fine if you are planning on breeding and can take care of the babies and if you are willing to seperate if he is too aggressive. Also they should be of breeding weight before being housed together which is at least 50g for females

A male will mate with a female before she is ready andif she is not fit enought she might not make it

Also a year is old enough that they can breed ( not that you should breed them that early)

04/07/10  11:16am

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