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 Green tree python or Emerald boa

I will be making an order in the next few days and I was just wondering if any of you had any last minute opinions/advise/experience with these AMAZING snakes.

first off, i am narrowing it down between a neonate Sarong Green Tree Python (Morelia viridis) born in april 08 (almost 6 months) it is said to be recently probed as a girl and a 24-26inch 7 month old male Emerald Tree Boa (Corallus caninus). I have seen the dam and sire for the gtp and they were both gorgeous. I haven’t asked to see pics of the parents of the ETB but the guy is pretty respectable so I could probably get ahold of those If i need. my main concern is: which are more hardy? I have my setup (small 12x12x18 exo-terra) pretty much ready to go, i have been doing test runs on it to make sure the temps, humidity were fine. not that it matters much, the ETB is only like $50 more so the price is similiar. I know they can be nippy, they have big teeth, etc. I just want the snake that is more likely to have no issues. apparently neither have had any shed, eating problems but any expertise is wanted!
everyone has a different answer to this but which animal is more hardy and less fragile (and im not talking about the holding/kinking issues.

thank you very much, i know this was crazy long but its a lot of money on the line and i want to take every precaution I can.

09/19/08  01:14am


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  Message To: CYborg   In reference to Message Id: 1863100

 Green tree python or Emerald boa

hey i am no expert and i don’t really have any experience with these snakes i am just telling you what i have heard lol. i have heard that gtp has a better temper than emerald boas and that there alot easier to tame. i also love gtp but i don’t have the space for another snake just yet so i cant get one as i have said though what i just said is from what i have been told not from experience i am sure what ever you choose it will be awesome keep us updated and post pics when you get your python :)

09/20/08  02:01pm


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  Message To: CYborg   In reference to Message Id: 1863100

 Green tree python or Emerald boa

I keep both, but am much more experienced with the gtps. Only have experience with Emerald Basins and I can tell you from my and several other friends that also keep basins is that they are normally quite docile natured. The import emeralds (northern locale types) are usually the ones that are difficult tempers and also any import is MUCH more prone to difficulties getting them established. I would not recommend an Emmy unless you are certain that it was captive bred here in the US. Regurge problems is quite common with the imports and high percentages of them will die.

As far as the gtps go, they are much more variable in their appearance and generally they have a good disposition UNLESS you get the biak locale type. None of the gtps should be handled until they are yearlings unless necessary. As they mature they will almost always become docile during the day.

Evenings are out for both species of these snakes.

It’s all a matter of what you like, I believe that the gtps are easier to keep and more forgiving of temporary lapses in husbandry. Captive bred gtps are also a lot more common than emmies.
Neither is a hold’em type of snake, both make great displays.

09/21/08  11:44am


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  Message To: M.viridis   In reference to Message Id: 1864859

 Green tree python or Emerald boa

Don’t hold a neonate GTP! ><
I was told that if I held mine, the spinal cord could EASILY be disconnected.
Plus their bites hurt A LOT.

09/21/08  12:49pm

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