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This forum seems appropriate to ask if any of you are interested in photography.

The reason for asking is simply because Iím thinking about wildlife photography as a career. I would be extremely grateful if any one would give me tips on anything relevant to this topic. If you know any good websites, please give me a link.

Also, I am going to be getting a camera over this summer so I can practice with. I am looking for either a Canon or Nikon camera but Iím not sure which model. I am still researching.

Thank you very much for taking time to read/ reply.

06/24/07  11:08pm


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I am into photography. But it is just a hobby of mine; I am no professional.

If you are looking for a digital camera, a great site to visit would be dpreview. They have reviews of every digital camera out there and also have a test, or buying guide, you can take to find which camera is right for you. Here is a link to the test: link.

06/27/07  10:23pm

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