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 Wild Blue-Tailed Skink in Indiana?

More than a year ago, I found a tiny lizard with a blue tail in a head of lettuce. I put it outside the kitchen window. I just found it again--Iím assuming itís the same one--about 3-4 inches long, in the garden where Iíd put it. Itís gotten through at least one Southern Indiana winter. Should I just leave it be? Or is it another type of lizard? It looks like the pictures of the blue-tailed skink?
PS. I know nothing about lizards.


  • 05/20/06  03:21pm


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      Message To: Misschris   In reference to Message Id: 795257

     Wild Blue-Tailed Skink in Indiana?

    the burrow underground and hybernate so im sure it will do well in the wild. they also hate to be handled so if it lets u catch it and handle it then it might not be a blue tail. also i doubt its the same one, they usually are every where around houses

    05/20/06  11:08pm


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      Message To: Bain_bk   In reference to Message Id: 795918

     Wild Blue-Tailed Skink in Indiana?

    these special lizards live EVERYWHERE. it possibly is the same one becuase they hibernate where they live. BLUE TAILS DO NOT MIGRATE

    i have found out that some lizards (including blue tails) can attract a male or a female....(more than one). not all of them mate. these types of lizards create little collenies or groups.

    05/21/06  11:10am

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