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 Why do turtles do this?

Why do turtles blow up their necks. Is it to make themselves look bigger and more intimidating? And when my turtles are basking they spread out their legs as much as possible. Is that just to get more light?

02/13/06  12:32pm


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  Message To: Golb0016   In reference to Message Id: 648391

 Why do turtles do this?

my turtle does the same thing,i think its just instinkn
please excuse my spelling

02/13/06  01:33pm


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  Message To: Reptileman2005   In reference to Message Id: 648448

 Why do turtles do this?

The whole neck thing has to do with breathing. They donít breathe water they breathe air so when they come up to the waters surface they get a big gulp of air, so that they can swim down deep and not get a breath. As for spreading their legs during basking. Picture that basking dock as a Florida beach in the summer. You arenít going to find many people rolled up into balls getting a tan, they stretch their arms and legs out to get the utmost sun on their bodies. Turtles bask to dry themselves and for other health reasons. Stretching their arms and legs out makes sure that they get completely dry and take up as much UVB as possible.


02/13/06  02:22pm

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