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Could anyone tell me if there are illnesses or diseases that Uroís are prone to?
Also, I have two Bearded dragons and while Iím very careful when going from one beardie to the other I wanted to know if there were something that my beardies could give my Uro just by me holding one and then the other?

12/16/06  09:44am


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Yes, it is possible to spread disease and parasites from one animal to another.

One example between bearded dragons and uromastyx would be members from the coccidian group. While some of these protozoa can be fairly common in bearded dragons- they do not seem to be as common in uromastyx. Some bearded dragons can harbor this parasite asymptomatically and manage the parasite load while uromastyx tend to become gravely ill when infected with coccidia. Because of the organismís life-cycle, the parasite is difficult to eradicate and it is quite hardy so infection from one animal to another can take place even if you think you are taking measures to prevent it.

There are some diseases that are often linked to uromastyx. Blister disease and tail infections (bacterial and fungal) are seen in many reptiles but tend to be associated quite frequently with uromastyx. It is likely that the anatomy (tail whorl) plays a role as does the natural arid environment that these animals originate from. There is a disease that I am currently working on that is solely associated with uromastyx (as far as I am aware) commonly referred to as Crusty Lip Disease. This disease process does not appear to be of as much medical consequence as the others I have mentioned.

12/16/06  03:42pm


Egyptian Sobek
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uro-fan, would you have any pics to show us of these diseases? That way we can all be aware of any symptoms.

12/17/06  01:01am

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