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 Lifespan of Uromastyx

Heya Uro_fan, I was reading through sundial reptiles website and on the mali uromastyx they said they can live up to 30 years in captivity. I was wondering where they got this info since it wasn’t until the 80s that they began importing them and not many people knew of them 30 years ago.
Is there records of them from their native countries as being pets there or can this just be conjecture?
Just kinda curious, thought you had posted on this subject before.
Thanks Trent

08/31/04  9:23pm
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 Lifespan of Uromastyx

I have heard differing data on the lifespan of uromastyx.

I would assume that the lifespan of uromastyx would differ a little among the species as it does throughout the rest of the animal kingdom.

It is clear that the lifespan in captivity is much shorter than that in their natural habitat. I have heard figures anywhere from 25-75% shorter. Given the lack of proper husbandry and the added stress from captive conditions, this is not at all surprising. I personally believe that this figure has improved since importation of these animals first started and I also believe that this figure will continue to improve as we learn more about these animals.

As far as I have been able to tell, importation of uromastyx started in the 1970s. Roughly, 70% of imports end up in the United States. It shocks me that we have the highest figure here but continue to be behind European countries when it comes to husbandry products and practices.

I am getting off the subject….

Thomas Wilms book notes documented cases of uromastyx (acanthinura) living 22+ years in captivity. Wilms also gives a ‘supposed’ record age of 33 years for a U aegyptia uromastyx that was tracked and caught several times for measurements. From what I can translate- the uro grew from 1.7”-29.25 inches in 13 years.
I do know that some longevity ‘projections’ are based on the number of years that it takes the reptile to reach sexual maturity. The average life expectancy that I hear most often (from decent sources) is 15-20 years. Keep in mind that this is an overall average.

09/02/04  10:29pm
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