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 Uromastyx shedding


As uromastyx geyri are desert dwellers and they don’t require water/low humidity, I was wondering what they do to shed. Do they need water to help shed? Do rocks help them shed? I’ve heard moss can help with shedding?

What’s the best thing to use?

02/28/12  07:27am


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 Uromastyx shedding

I’m assuming you mean they don’t require high humidity? While they are considered desert dwellers they do require some humidity in order to shed properly, but never allow direct contact with water. Moss in such an environment will also be a bad choice. The hides within the enclosure should have relatively higher humidity compared to the open portion of the enclosure. Ideally humidity levels within the hide(s) should be somewhere in the 20-40% range--too little or too much humidity can cause health issues like rough sheds or respiratory infections, respectively. You will need an accurate digital hydrometer in order to keep tabs on this. A fairly tight, low clearance type hide with one entrance will help keep humidity levels where you need them. This, like many others things, may take a bit of tweaking to get just right.

02/28/12  01:43pm

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