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Monitors Archived Thread List

main staple diet
Cork Board?
Bird Box?
New Argus Clutch
black throat monitor
ball python = feed?
just after getting a baby sav
monitor ideas?
Pronounced Spurs?
Trio of varanus tristis tristis
cage decor
My savs Skin is Turning Darker?
Tristis and ackies together.
New member of the family
Melinus update.
Swollen Eyelids
New Dirt!
hard boiled eggs??
Savannah monitor questions.....
savee food help
need savee help
Ackie update/Sex guess?
Looking for Ackies
Have no idea what type of lizard this is
dirt help
live plant help
Pilbara eggs
Monitor help!! I’m gonna be addicted.
tempter help
temperature assistance
Drift wood HELP!!!
Think I’ve made a decision.
Gravid Varanus similis
B/T update 12 weeks on
sav with water blisters
mangrove monitor
Savi help please!
this made me chuckle....
croc monitor
baby savi eating
Acclimation period
mold in dirt
Photos Wanted
Moving...And I Can’t Take My Ackie Pair With Me...
gut load
unsure, need advice.
A little advise
black roughneck monitor vs. Peach throat vs. Red argentine tegu
Looking for my next monitor
NY state
indonesian monitors
Cricket gutload question???
eating eggs
were is that other guy from pittsburgh at?
Three boys?
W/c peach throat monitors
just got a dumeril monitor looking for guidance help
New black roughneck female
One year.
Mangrove Monitor Training Tips
Little video
serious answers only
Little sav.
Fallen in love with monitors, have questions.
Gwapo and Herman
Sav regurgitated meal from yesterday :(
No Vacancy
Question concerning Male ackie
Update: Mangrove Monitor Training Tips
Tazz At Two
Beardie vs ackie
BT Update
Varanus rosenbergi
baby sav burrowing
Small, Medium & Large Enclosures
New to the board........
strange activity
Argus Monitor Hibernation?
white throat monitor
Just testing new B/T cage out.
need help Savannah monitor lizard
logs/branches question
thank you all
monitor venom
Ackie Monitor information Needed....
Update: MegaRay heat projectors
Catch and release pics
Green Tree Monitor, growth rate
Your monitor collections
B/T Update
Vent Placement
Best first monitors
ackie noise?
Have to Wait
See-proof cage effects attitude/ bosc
Updated pic of my monitor
Pet Store Conflict
To those with large BTs
Savannah Monitor
UV lights
Phoenix zoo, Komodo
Help me choose the right Monitor.
Peach throat only eating mice and insects
The prettiest face ever ;)
There doing it!!!!
gnats in substrate
savannah monitor diet help?
More Pics
How long...
pics of Ezra from this morning
Question mainly for Jesse!
Poor Sav...
my little sav
Argus Enclosure
i need to know everything about savannah monitors
Wanted to share an updated picture of my BT
Quick ? and Hello :)
100% male!!
Niko Regurgitated.. :(
acclimation time
Halogen floodlight
black throat cages
Sulfur Pair
V. Albigularis Microstictus update
Hamm Expo
Comment on basking areas
timor monitor care?
Peach Throat Pics Please
14" mixed with a 34"
super worms?
black throat monitors
Varanus Rudicollis
Substrate Help
breeding question
salvator location
Varanus Kordensis
Blue Spot Timor Monitor
cedar and pine qwestion
Strange feeding habbit?
Advice on getting a mate?
...and I didnt want to believe
Finally got my Monitor in his new home. Pics!!
timor monitor kisar island
hovabator help?
OT. Sorry, just had to share this.
Update on Niko! :)
Sav burn
Personal Breakthrough
Hey guys
Varanus Doreanus?
perentie pics for tattoo
Aggression or rough play?
Mangrove Locale ?
Need good pic of Argus tripoding
Zoo Med Compact Fluorescent 10.0 UV Bulb
food Q/A
bosc monitor care, help me out
Some V.G.Flavirufus shots
"shy" V. jobiensis
Cold monitor.. How do I install light fixtures??
Undigested Food (Temps/Humidity)
New issue of BIAWAK- a FREE monitor lizard publication, is now available
Brand New Home
OT- Tenn. herp laws
136 Days on B/T Update.
Question/Cool pic.
I am tired of it!
Side yard idea? Please help
When it too much insects.
Good and bad news..?
Look at this!!! Pretty cool!!
Article on the newest Varanus
Top 10 Largest Lizards by weight!
peach throat adult pics
tail injury- treatment?
Help with my salvator.
Mangrove Monitor
To Krusty...about Red Ackie babies
Sexing question for krusty
New Sav, Louie
Varanus marmoratus or Varanus Nuchalis
Peach Throat
The mysterious disappearing poo!
Varanus species in the Americas and Europe?
Housing 2 different species of monitors together?
Is he right?
Gwapo’s Weight
Damn this economy...
Nile Monitor Update
Few problems
Beginning of new ackie cage.
A bit O/T
Black throat update
What to add?
Eggs Hatching and some OT stuff
(OT) New Addition to the Family
Pretty boy
try to get a savannah monitor
varanus acanthurus
thank you
Mangrove News
respirtory infection
New to the first monitor experience.
As promised!
"Torch Monitor"
Anyone know any good Yellow Ackies breeders?
THE substrate!
OMG hes growing like crazy!!!!!
Yellow Ackie and her Egg’s
tree monitors
rainbow of Iggies
Can someone explain this?? pretty cool
Sav. Enclosure height.
Some People
baby birds in backyard
Feeding questions
Building a new enclosure.
quick question
New Peach Throat enclosure
nile monitors.
Showing Off
June Bugs?
Griseus eggs
New Water’s
Need a little help.
My 28 month old V. Tristis.
I miss him so much:(
habitat support
Adding Substrate.
Mr Foo
update on sav eggs
Strip and old aquarium?
anyone know any herp vets in texas and somethings i need opinions on plzzzzzzzzz
First Monitor
what kind of wood should i use?
More pic’s
Need to read!
building viv
Dangerous plants?
Monitor Eggs Hatching and Laid
can you help me find a lace
Need specifics about diet
New Arrivals
water monitor question?
new sav
favorite monitors
Have a few questions
Asian Water Monitor
Savannah biting habit[ASK]
2x4’s and chicken wire
sav cage help
Just an update
been awhile. new pics of Ezra
obese savannah monitor
Water diet question and pictures.
New hatchling
Enclosure is finished!!
Blackthroat update
All Talk
Found this vid
A grainy video of my Nile monitor "Dino"
How to feed large monitor crickets?
v. kingorum and v. storri
new camera!
Blackthroat Intelligence?
Female Blackthroat
Adult Sav diet
Muzzling an adult Savannah Monitor?
Yet another blackthroat update... huge difference
Some new pics and update
New to fourm here :D
harrness training?
Sand monitor eggs
Varanus Beccari video.
Varanus Mertensi
Usually after denting, How much longer?
Please someone help me
Savannah monitor is gravid?
Smelly Goodness
South African White Throats
water monitor enclosure
Why do you think my ackie eggs died? (Pics/Story)
orange phase savannah monitor
Any training info for Sav’s
Missing Melinus!?
HELP! Savannah Monitor in Sand?
Had a bit of a locust hunt last night!
Pet sitting and a question.
Big Change in Feeding Attitude
sav humidity help
Venomous Monitor Lizards
Ackies getting strange!
Interesting behaviour vids
My bosc monitor is missing his food and balance in water is not good
A very needed update.
baby sav monitor sleeping alot?
Various photo’s/updates
baby savannah monitor help
gnats in cage
Savannah eating
Broken Leg
baby sav help asap!
BT pressing lever for food reward.
hatching lace monitors
OT - Desert Iguana babies
Dumeril’s with watery feces
Baby Ackies
Ackie egg size question?
New Peach Throat (pics)
Baby sav Update!!
Baby Savannah not eating still...
water monitor question..??
update on my little sav
OT labored breathing...
A bit of an update.
Radiant heat panels?
My Argus won’t eat
Varanus salvator info
Favorite monitor
Nest Box Maintenance
Post a picture please
Monitor Help Please
Help me decide
A Bunch of Random Pics
Taming baby savs?
my new nile monitor and his cage
Brutus pics’
Love Lizards
Blind croc monitor
Mertens Monitors are awesome.
my nile is not eating
Ackies foot ’not working’
Killing a monitor lizard for TV entertainment?!
I need some Advice.
Time Period?
I’m back! V. similis.
V. melinus eating balut egg
monitors for sell?
Quick question on nesting
Ben siegel
Argus pipping
new baby savanna
need help with new savannah monitor!!
Missing toe nails...
Sav Help
Cage size for ackie/tristis
Questions about sav diet and feces.
V. gelleni
Timor monitors
Outdoor ackie cage
water monitor husbandry questions
Blackthroat Monitors
Blue Tail Monitor Aid
What’s wrong with petting monitors??
Savannah Monitor
more monitor pics
Outdoor cage
I dont want to breed
Last clutch of Ackies pipping
This isn’t good
UVB question?
bosc monitor/viv pics
Just some new photo’s of my lot!
? on savanna sleeping in his water bowl
Temp reading
ackie humidity
huge thanks!
Log question plz help and fast
dumeril monitor temperment
Dubia’s - How long?
ackie outdoor cage humidity
Monitor Feed
Aggressive vs Defensive.
juvenile sav cage
Savanna Monitor escaped!
New savanna pics.
Savannah monitor Q
savi/bosc monitor taming?
Ackie outdoor cage question
A Lil better
V. similis cage.
Need Software for an Enclosure!
Cleaning cages.
Superworm(zophobas) beetle as food?
Blue Tail Food Variety
What is the most common monitor in the pet trade?
question on substrate depth
pleasant surprise with v macraei
ackie male or female
some pics of argus
Just Wow!....
Little update croc & tristis
Cleaning roach cages
Feeding trouble?
there are mushrooms in my tank
I scare myself sometimes.
help with taming my Savannah Monitor please
Yellow Ackies pipping
Enough space for Argus pair?
Getting a little bit worried?
Called it a day for now.
Female Argus needed!
OT for Krusty... Frilled Dragons?
feeding baby savs
enclosue glass
enclosure mesh ideas
Double Black Throat Trouble
Lil Bloo macrae
Savannah Update
ackie outdoor basking temp
More Brutus pics
Lepomis macrochirus used as whole prey?
New Savannah owner; Please help!
help with feeding please!!
Svannah shedding Q?
One man’s trash is another man’s treasure
DIY monitor!
Snails as whole prey food?
Mean whisker shrimp
Plant and fruit eating monitor?
Another Clutch of ackies and some OT
All white monitors
Building Cage
eating problem...
Need help with my baby savannah please
tegus question
look at this little guy(griseus)
Varanus Mertensi new male/young female
savannah shedding problems
yellow ackies or argentine bw tegu
Target Training! Who does it!?
came across this add
A few more pics....
Ackie’s breeding??
pic. heavy:)
Argus x Flavi humidity
People these days!
Ackies Hatch (pics)
Pics of New sav
May’s a good month...
eye problem. Please help.
Dumeril’s monitor
sav eating problem
water monitor question..??
looking for a yellow ackie
Argus monitor
Water Monitor
New Savannah Monitor!
recently hatched lace monitors
Argus monitor MALE OR FEMALE ? Might be pregnant?
food items for ackie monitor
a roach colony for one or two ackie monitors
New V. tristis + update on V. similis.
Need Help feeding Ground Turkey
Can Someone maybe help me here?
What should i get?
Savannah "Puberty"?
Argus monitor Basking Temp is 144 F ok??
Shedding=Loss of appetite? Please help me
Dubias for Central FL
Help for monitor lizard in WI
Feeder roaches for florida
Growth Rate ?’s
Pretty Sad
Sav Not Taking Hissers Anymore
Added a UVB did wonders
Savannah monitor baby help
Dubia anyone?
SwampDonkey: Turkey diet....
salvator pic....
Feeding out a new lobster roach colony
??? question for crocdoc
Feeding an empty cage....
New to savannah’s
Starting A Dubia Roach Colony
Nile Monitor Feeding???
lack throat monitor bite pressure
Starting a new.
Svannah tame
Meet Gismo!! My new Savanna monitor.
New monitor Lizard!
Enclosure build questions
Argus monitor Lost in house,need advice please.
ackie eggs 3rd clutch
help got a new ackie monitor on 9/23 he still has enten
Ackie Dominance? Some help please
Does anyone have experience treating brokenmonitor legs?
Hybrid monitors....which ones can interbreed?
Feeding Ackies
Growth rate of Black Throat monitor?
Monitor Domestication
I can only dream.
new Custom Sav Cage, Update.....
New water monitor enclosure.
vent area question..??
Here be the Dragon
Meet,Drako,Gismo,Rex and Zilla..Enjoy.
ackies hatching
Rather Happy!
Varanus Melinus update
Some recent happenings
Questions about Savannah Monitor
Have to get rid of my blackthroat - who would like him?
Getting a 2nd Savannah monitor
Roughnecked monitor diet
Varanus ... Reality Check Time
Good investment........
Deit help?
badly sick...need advice...
nile monitor growth rate
lace monitor laying eggs (in an odd position)
In 6-years!
light fixtures
Argus eggs and mating
When can SAVANNA MONITORS breed?what age?
What and what not to look for in caresheets.
Remarkable Feeding Behavior
OT but wanted to share
B/T update.
Black Roughneck pics
V. tristis photos.
2nd savannah monitor
Mongo The White Throat Help Please
UpDate on my other Savanna,heres Eva.
Gravid tristis :)
what is this bug in my feeder cricket bucket
Top 5 first monitor list
Savannah Update
a few sav questions
New to Savannah Monitors
Feeding responses
Monitor exercise!
Koopa tripod....
Mongo the White Throat Update
White Throated Monitor male or female
New could use a little help
Kordensis feeding vid
Roughnecked color variation.
sav sexing
CROCs, tristis, ackies and GTPS
recent pics of my nile
My leaopard gecko has somthing wierd going on with his rectal area!!!
Nile feeding vid
Don’t get this?
hibernating ackie monitor?
Reds vs Yellows
OT- Cage help
How long should I wait ?
too funny
Anyone know of any breeders/dealers who currently have Savannah Monitors?
crodoc new vid.
mixed species
Savannah Monitors from Pinellas County Reptiles
Varanus varius in the wild
Need help with peach throat cage top.
Butaan Monitor: Anyone Heard?
Savannah Monitor Feeding Amounts / Frequency
Aussie monitors
V. exantematicus feeding regiment
Looking for Monitor....Advice?
Update on EVa my savanna monitor Growth rate,shes growing fast!! this normal?.
Do monitors have a tolerance to snake venom?
Update, been a while.
Savannah monitor growth
What percent humidity is optimal for the Savannah Monitor?
Varanus t. tristis Question
sav losing toenail
cage building questions
Cage is almost done
anybody know where i can get a red ackie
Every time I clean my savannah monitors water bowl
Sh#ty week
Ackie eggs!
Croc monitor layed an egg
Any Brits here?
a few new from terraristika in Hamm
water monitor poop
Varanus t. tristis cage
New V. SImilis
Palmetto bugs, Eurycotis floridana, as feeder roaches
Herro :3
Dubia Roach
Black Throat Monitor Questions
exanthematicus and crayfish
Baby Monitors Hatching (Pics)
South FL Freeze
Hey..I gotts a ? for everyone! =)
Argus cycles in year
Ye Almighty Everting
Help please - Agama Atra
tristis tristis
The agony !
Is this a timor? I have bad eye sight looks like a lil nile
Genereally tame, generally large? any suggestions?
It’s been a while!
New hide ideas (Savannah monitor)
Keeping these species together? I dont think so.
Trans-illumination Sexing
Something wrong with monitor, what could it be?
Cumingi rock monitor :)
Varanus Albigularis (Buddy) new enclosure
santa is coming...
nile monitor
more salvator pics.
Kimberley Rock Monitor pics
How old do you think a 7-8 inch savannah monitor is?
varanus Mertensi feed response
Best place to get black throats from?
New varanus from Hamm expo (as well)
Some of the best bits, I hope!
old picture
Black Tree Monitor
Soft Things
Surviving water monitor
Dwarf Monitor??? Help please
Gaining Trust / Interactions
The 3 Muskateers.
Black throat or Yellow?
getting an asian water monitor, advice
Eggs on the coldest night of the year